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Welcome to the world of Filbert Wingrove, the funny and always fabulous chubby Flamingo. He isn't your average bird - he's the heart and soul of Farfill. He embodies our spirit and brings a touch of pizzazz to everything we do.

The voyage

From the sun-kissed sands of the UAE to the bustling streets of the UK, Filbert Wingrove's journey is a whirlwind of sass, surprise, and sequins. Dodging seagulls with a wink and perfecting the Flamingle dance with flair, every feathered strut brings him closer to our hearts.


Ancient history

Once a distinguished shrimp savant and style maven in the UAE, Filbert Wingrove sashayed his way to iconic status in the UK as Farfill's unforgettable face. Before diving into the e-commerce arena, Filbert captivated Flamingo crowds with his unparalleled feathered flair, showing that in a sea of feathers, he was the fabulous bird that always stood out, serving sass and charm in equal measure.


Winged wonders

Filbert is a sassy master of disco poses and razor-sharp puns. Fluent in Swahili, he moonlights as a stand-up comedian in Coventry and taps his way to victory as an award-winning dancer. A self-proclaimed master of disguise, Filbert effortlessly transitions between quirky personas, leaving everyone pleasantly perplexed!

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Dedication to farfill

Filbert Wingrove and Farfill unite in their shared values of adaptability and efficiency. Just as flamingos' distinctive pink colour stands out, Farfill shines with innovative ways to making ship happen in a competitive market. Together, we embody resilience, efficiency, and a touch of flair; a harmonious blend of serious work ethic and a winning personality.

“Winging it. where flair and ship happens”

Filbert's extraordinary escapades...

Whimsical travels, behind-the-scenes shenanigans, and exclusive peeks into life at Farfill. From picturesque sunsets to bustling cityscapes, experience the world through Filbert's eyes as he makes ship happen one Instagram post at a time.